Grey bins: recyclable rubbish collection

Our grey bins are for all recyclables. They are collected fortnightly.

We can only empty your grey bin if it contains loose recyclable items only so no bags please.

If you collect your rubbish in a plastic bag in the kitchen, then continue to do so but instead of throwing it in the bin when it is full, simply empty it into the bin and reuse it.

What you can put in your grey bin or clear recycling bags

Cans, glass, plastic, paper-based cartons, paper and cardboard, margarine/butter tubs, yoghurt pots, clear plastic food trays, takeaway trays, most plastic packaging.

Before you put these in your bin please:

  • Rinse out food and drink containers
  • Squash plastic bottles and cardboard boxes
  • Put recyclables loose in the the bin, not in bags

Textiles and small electrical items recycling

Recycle textiles and small electrical items by leaving them in carrier bags at the side of your grey bin. Find out more ​​​​