Blue bins

Blue bins for clean paper and card

From August 2020 we will collect recyclable items that previously all went into grey bins in two separate recycling containers: the existing grey bin and a new blue bin for paper and cardboard.

You will still get a weekly bin collection of one of your bins.

  • Grey bins will be used for glass/cans/ plastic only and will be collected every 4 weeks
  • New blue bins will be used for paper/card and will be collected every 4 weeks.
  • Burgundy bin collections will stay the same as they are now.

You will be able to put the following items in your new blue bin:

  • Cardboard & cardboard boxes
  • Newspapers & magazines
  • Mail, envelopes and mixed paper
  • Cardboard egg boxes
  • Catalogues

Your collection days will stay the same.

Everyone who currently has a wheelie bin will get a new blue bin.

If you currently use bulk bins or sacks we have supplied you with either new bulk bins or new sacks/bags that can be used to separate recyclables.

The new bins have a capacity of 240 litres. Larger bins are a tested way to promote and increase recycling rates as much as possible. The larger bins are capable of storing over 4 weeks’ worth of recyclable material.

Reasons for changing

Recycling is the biggest single thing that you can do to help and protect our planet and save money.

Everyone in Blackburn and Darwen has a responsibility to recycle as much as possible. Splitting the recycling into two different bins makes sure that the different materials can be recycled more easily.

The paper and card stored separately avoids it getting wet and means it can be recycled more effectively.

This change to bin collections will help us save money on recycling, protect our environment and help the Council’s limited budget on rubbish and recycling go further.

It also fits in with Government plans for waste in the future that include keeping paper and card separate from other recyclables

Your new bin collection dates

At the end of July 2020, we have delivered to all properties a new bin collection calendar.

Please pin up and keep so everyone in your household knows which bin to put out for collection each week.

Burgundy bins

Your burgundy bin will stay as your non-recyclable rubbish bin and will be emptied every 2 weeks as it is now.

The times on collection days may change so please put bins out as usual on your collection day at or before 07:00.

Collections for people living in flats

  • If you currently use lilac sacks your collections will stay the same.
  • If you are also provided with clear sacks for your recyclables we have provided you with new blue bags for your paper/card. Please use the clear sacks for your glass, tins, cans and plastics
  • If you share a large ’bulk’ refuse bin and a shared bulk recycling bin(s) for your card/paper/cans/glass/plastic containers, we have delivered a new communal bulk recycling bin just for your paper/card.

We will be replacing the stickers on shared bulk bins so that everyone knows that they need to put paper/card in a separate new bulk bin.

Help with bin collections for the elderly/disabled

If you are elderly/disabled you can arrange for the crew to collect your bins if you cannot put them out on the pavement. You can place a request for help online or call the cleansing helpline on (01254) 585921.

If you are already on an assistance scheme for your grey bin you will automatically receive help when the blue recycling bin is delivered.

If you need 2 or more bins

If you think you will need an extra new blue bin you will be provided with one bin to start with. We need to make sure we have provided every property with at least one bin to start with. If after a few weeks you find that you need a second blue bin you can order one for free online.

If you do not have room for a new blue bin

If you do not have space for this new extra bin then you can ask online for a weighted polypropylene sack for your recycling. Please email