School transport

Blackburn with Darwen provides bus services to a number of schools in the borough for pupils who reside in Blackburn with Darwen and attend a Blackburn with Darwen school. They are provided primarily for pupils who qualify for statutory home to school transport but are also open to a number of pupils who do not qualify for free transport.

More information on our home to school transport policy.

Moving towards cashless payments

Following the recent Covid-19 pandemic, schools, operators and the authority are looking at ways to move towards a cashless payment system on school buses. It is not possible to arrange a ‘smart card’ type option at this time because of the different types of ticket machines and back-office setups used by different operators.

We have two options available and hopefully one will suit your needs.

Applications for either of the options below closes Wednesday 19th August.

Due to the current unprecedented demand, we are receiving a large number of applications. Applications that arrive after this date will not be processed in time for the start of the new term, and will need to make alternative arrangements for your child to get to school.

Season tickets

A season ticket is ideal for pupils who travel regularly on school transport. Tickets can be bought for a term or for the whole school year. This offers peace of mind to parents and hassle free for pupils boarding the bus. This ticket also offers a 10% discount on normal fares.

The cost is based on the daily fare times the number of school days, less 10% discount.


(Fares are based on Blackburn local schools. Out of borough schools may be charged at a higher fare rate).

There are 190 school days per year, the daily fare is £2.50 (£1.25 single) 190 days X £2.50 = £475.00

For the termly season ticket, this is divided in to three equal parts = £158.33 per term.

With the discount applied, the yearly season ticket is £427.50, the termly season ticket being £142.50.

The termly season ticket runs from September to Christmas, Christmas to Easter and Easter to July, with renewal forms sent out prior to the new term starting. Some terms may be slightly longer than others but the fee is averaged out over the academic year.

Payment for season tickets is taken over the telephone or direct debits can be arranged.

For termly season tickets paid over the telephone, please call 01254 585003

To arrange a season ticket to be paid on direct debit, please email

Pre-paid travel voucher

This voucher has been introduced to offer a more flexible option to:

  • pupils who may not travel on school services regularly, such as sixth form pupils
  • pupils who may walk or cycle but occasionally use the bus
  • those whose parents may pick them up/drop them off from time to time.

It also offers more flexibility to those on tight budgets.

These vouchers come in books of 20 or 50 and are priced at face value i.e. the regular pupil single fare of £1.25 or £1.75, depending on their location.
One voucher will be used per journey, so a journey to school and a journey home will be two vouchers. There is no discount on this type of voucher.


  • Normal fare of £1.25: book of 20 vouchers = £25.00, book of 50 vouchers = £62.50
  • Normal fare of £1.75: book of 20 vouchers = £35.00, book of 50 vouchers not currently available

These vouchers are flexible in that you only use them as and when required, and you only need to buy more when you need them. If you get low on vouchers, just apply for another book and one will be sent out.

To enquire or apply for travel vouchers, please telephone 01254 585687

For general information on school transport please contact the transport team 01254 585003 or email

If you live more than 3 miles from your nearest appropriate high school or two miles from your nearest appropriate primary school, you may be entitled to free transport either in the form of a place on a school bus, a bus pass or a cash grant.

If you live in Blackburn with Darwen borough and want to know more about home to school or college transport, please contact us.

School bus service timetables

School service bus timetables are available in our bus timetables section.

Transport for children with special educational needs

Please contact the SEN team.