Roads: report problems

Report problems with roads; potholes and surface damage, road markings, manhole covers and road signs.

Potholes and surface damage

Pothole with white paint marking
Pothole with white paint marking

If you notice any pot holes or surface damage to public roads or pavements please tell us about it.

Potholes can quickly form in roads and pavements particularly during the winter months.

We prioritise all potholes so that the most dangerous ones are repaired by the next day. The remainder should be repaired within 4 weeks.

When reporting potholes, please describe the nature and location of the pothole in as much detail as possible. It is useful to leave your contact details if we need to clarify the exact location of a fault.

If the defect has been marked with white hazard paint (see picture), it is already under investigation.

If you are reporting a sinkhole that is hazardous or an immediate danger please call us.

Report a pothole or damaged surface

Road markings

If you notice any problems on the public highway with road markings please tell us about it.

The council is not responsible for road maintenance on private land.

Report a problem with road markings

Manhole covers

If you notice any damaged or missing manhole covers please tell us about it. It is helpful if you can tell us who owns the manhole cover.

Report a defective or missing manhole cover

Road signs

If you have discovered a broken traffic light, sign or signal, please report it to us so we can arrange to repair it.

Below are some examples of what you can report;

  • traffic signs include all and any signs giving directional information. Traffic signs are usually set on poles or gantries by the side of the road, or in the central reservation of a dual carriageway.
  • traffic lights control the flow of vehicles on the road. Traffic lights are the familiar "red-amber-green" displays set on poles or overhead gantries, most often at road junctions.
  • pedestrian crossing lights comprise a set of traffic lights, as well as a display indicating via red and green lights when it is safe for pedestrians to cross the road at a pelican crossing.
  • belisha beacons are yellow flashing lights on top of black-and-white striped poles, placed by a pedestrian crossing.
  • illuminated bollards are small pillars which are lit from inside, and are often placed in the centre of the road or at road junctions and often display a directional arrow indicating to drivers which side of the bollard they should pass on.
  • driver information signals include any other signs, either temporary or permanent, which give information or instructions to road users such as temporary traffic lights or road signs, or automatic signs which tell the road user how fast their vehicle is travelling.

Report a problem with a road sign

Feedback on works

If you are reporting something that is hazardous or an immediate danger please call us.

Give feedback on works in my area