Pre-application advisory service

Entering into pre-application discussions provides a more transparent service with valuable two-way discussions that will help save time and avoid wasted expense and delays in the processing of your planning application.

Further benefits include:

  • having a better understanding how your application will be judged against the policies in the local plan and other material considerations
  • early identification of where specialist input is needed on matters such as historic buildings, trees or landscape, contaminated or unstable land
  • the opportunity to develop or modify a proposal to make it potentially more acceptable to the community, based on local circumstances, and help to ensure a smoother and quicker passage through the planning application process
  • a potential saving in the time spent by both the case officer and your professional agents in working up a proposal
  • where a proposal is completely unacceptable to the LPA, the advice can save the you the costs of finalising an application and paying an application fee
  • stopping wasting time for all parties on applications where there is inadequate or insufficient supporting information
  • raising the quality of development
  • securing satisfaction with the process
  • reducing confrontation and improves collaboration in the planning process.

This service is discretionary and there is a charging scheme.

We expect guidance offered by the planning case officer to be taken into account in the preparation and drafting of your proposals. Where it is evident that pre-application advice has not been sought, or taken into account in a subsequent planning application, it is highly likely we will not negotiate any amendments, and the application will be determined on the basis of the details submitted.

Further information

Secured By Design

SBD is a police initiative that improves the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit.

SBD has produced a series of authoritative Design Guides which are available on the link to assist the building, design and construction industry to incorporate security into developments to comply with the Building Regulations in England, Scotland and Wales and meet the requirements of SBD.


British Parking Association Safer Parking ‘Park Mark’ crime prevention initiative and car park accreditation scheme website, which is supported by the National Police Chief’s Council (formally ACPO). The scheme is administered and deliver in Lancashire by their Park Mark Regional Assessor.