Witton Weaver's Way

A 32 mile long distance trail, 'The Way' offers the chance to explore Lancashire's history. You will pass weavers cottages, Tudor halls, Victorian estates, historic villages and even Roman Roads.

Views from the West Pennine Moors, nearby woodlands, and Jubilee Tower can be seen. There are also remote reservoirs and hidden valleys.

The full Witton Weavers Way circuit can be completed in two days. However, within the 32 miles, there are also four shorter circular walks that can each be completed during one day. These are the Beamers, Reelers, Tacklers and Warpers trails.

Although the official start point is Witton Country Park, the way can be joined at many alternative points along the way.

In order to complete the full circuit of the Witton Weavers Way, you will need all five leaflets below.