Witton Park access trails

All routes are suitable for tramper scooters.

All trails start and finish at the wooden pavilion and are waymarked with coloured arrows that match the route colours below. Times given are only intended as a guide.

Choose from the low level green trail or the moderate blue trail.

Green trail - low level

Low level route on surfaced paths, involving some slight gradients, apart from the last section up to the nature reserve. There are several benches along the route and no gates or stiles.

  • Distance: 1km/0.6 miles (2km/ 1¼ miles including route to nature reserve).
  • Approx time: 30 mins (60 mins including route to nature reserve).


From the pavilion head towards the Wits play area and turn on to the cycle path. Keep on until you reach the bridge at the river then turn left after crossing the bridge.

As an alternative to extend the route, turn right after the bridge and follow the riverside path down to Pleasington playing fields and beyond to Pleasington nature reserve. The route is waymarked although the last section is along the road to the cemetery for about 250m / 275 yards, so care should be taken. On reaching the nature reserve, follow the waymarkers back to the road and then follow the same route back to the bridge.

At the bridge, continue towards the astroturf pitches then turn left over the Jubilee bridge and follow the path back towards the pavilion. Go round the back of the pavilion and head towards the lily pond. At the pond turn left and walk through the avenue of yew trees and back through the gates to return to the pavilion.

Blue trail - moderate

Moderate route on some good paths and some rough woodland paths with several gradients.

  • Distance: 1½km / 0.9 miles.
  • Approx. time: 45 minutes.


From the pavilion head towards the Wits play area and turn right at the tarmac drive then first left up the track into Witton Wood. Follow the path to the clearing where Witton House stood. The house was demolished in 1952 because of dry rot, and it is now a wildflower meadow.

Take the path onto the meadow and then bear right up into the wood. Follow the right hand path in the wood and continue uphill until you reach the remains of the old conservatory. Take the other path back down to the clearing where you turn right and follow the field edge and head into the trees next to some steps.

Follow the path around to the left and keep on heading downhill along the waymarked path, which gives good views across the main field in the park towards the river. As you come out of the wood you join the cycleway at the bottom of Crow Wood. At this point turn left to head back to the visitor centre, or turn right to join the green trail above.​​