Blackburn with Darwen has a wide variety of equipped play spaces, provided by:

It also has an extensive provision of informal play spaces, using the natural environment.

All parks and Council grass pitches are informal play spaces and many other green spaces are suitable for play.

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Parks with play spaces

District play spaces

These play spaces are generally of a good size, with additional equipment for older young people. These sites often include or have nearby a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA):

  • Barlow Institute, Edgworth
  • Burnley Road, Blackburn
  • Corporation Park, Blackburn
  • Harrison Recreation ground, Blackburn
  • Manxman, Blackburn
  • Olive Lane, Darwen
  • Queens Park, Audley, Blackburn
  • Roe Lee Park, Blackburn
  • Delph Lane, Whitebirk, Blackburn
  • Rothesay Road, Shadsworth, Blackburn
  • Hereford Road, Whitebirk, Blackburn

Neighbourhood play spaces

Neighbourhood play spaces will have 6-8 pieces of play equipment and usually cater for a smaller catchment than the district play spaces.

  • Whitehall Park, Darwen
  • Longton Street, Audley, Blackburn
  • Kendal Street, Shearbrow, Blackburn
  • Blacksnape, Marsh House, Darwen - next to extensive sports pitches

Local play spaces

There is a wide variety of smaller local sites, provided by the Council, Twin Valley Homes, Parish Councils and Trusts. If you would like any further information, please contact us.

Play space maintenance and improvements

The Council equipped sites are regularly inspected and undergo a certified external annual inspection.

Sites are improved as funds allow. Many sites have benefited from local groups raising money and applying for grants not available to the Council.

Increasing opportunities for informal play

Is there somewhere in your local area that might be suitable for informal play, that needs improving, cleaning up or just getting local agreement? An informal play space has no formal equipment, but is used by local children for free play and having fun.

It is always worth asking the land owner and sometimes there are local community or residents groups who can help.