Garden plots

Garden plots are areas of council land that has been divided into plots for domestic garden purposes.

There are a number of sites throughout the borough. The annual rent payable varies between £50.00 - £187.50, depending on the size of the plot (the average is £78.00).

There are no facilities such as water or electricity provided.

The majority of sites have waiting lists - if you wish to be placed on a waiting list please provide your name address and contact telephone number and you will be added to the relevant list. If you do not have a site in mind you will be added onto the waiting lists nearest to where you live.

Plots are allocated in chronological order according to the waiting lists kept for each site, although some are let with the properties to which they back onto and may be transferred.

Please contact us to have your name added on to the waiting list.

The length of the waiting list varies from site to site and some sites have a greater turnover than others, therefore we cannot estimate the waiting time.