Common land: cancelled provisional registrations

Some areas of land originally proposed under the Commons Act of 1965 failed to be confirmed in the final register. These 'provisional registrations' were often cancelled, amended or withdrawn following an objection to the original application.

Regularly, this objection came from the landowner who argued that the land in question was not in fact common land at the time of the application.

Cancelled provisional registrations in the Blackburn with Darwen area are as follows:

Common land: cancelled provisional registrations
Unit no Description Notes
CL105 Pinfold, Tockholes A small area of land, believed to have been used previously as a pinfold i.e. a compound for stray animals
CL107 Land near Royal Arms, Tockholes A small roadside piece of land presently used for car parking
CL153 Hoddlesden Moss An area of land generally east of Scotland reservoir. Application withdrawn following negotiation with landowner
CL156 (part) Darwen Moor (part of) The original application sought to include a larger part of the Moor than that which was finally approved and which appears in the current register as unit CL156. The land not included in the final registration is generally to the south of Duckshaw Brook.

A further unit - CL215 Long Grain Moor in the Urban District of Turton - was provisionally registered but declared void on 18 September 1982 on the direction of the Commons Commissioner. Details of the original registration continue to be held by Lancashire County Council, as only a small portion lies within the Blackburn with Darwen area.