Thank you to the vast majority of people in the Borough for being considerate during what is a difficult time for everyone. This is making it easier for us to focus our resources where it matters.

As we are all spending more time at home during the lockdown period thinking about your neighbours and the effect your noise may have on them is important.

If you are bothered by noise it is always worth discussing things with your neighbour to try to reach a compromise.

It is also important to be tolerant of any additional noise your neighbour may be making now that their home has become their school, children’s playground and their only social space. In some circumstances an increase in noise levels from your neighbours home might be unavoidable.

Please avoid playing loud music, shouting and creating excessive noise from other equipment like TVs and gaming devices.

We are still providing a service to deal with problem noise and will do our best to help you. If you are bothered by noise or other nuisance, or just want some advice please contact us for more information.

Many people may often experience a reasonable amount of day to day noise from neighbours. This is not unusual and should be expected but when noise happens a lot, becomes too loud (or both) and starts to affect other people it can be classed as a ‘statutory noise nuisance’ in law.

Noise problems often go hand in hand with other anti-social behaviour problems. The Council works closely with other agencies to try to help with these problems. These include the police, the community safety partnership and housing associations.

Report a problem with noise