Night time noise

The Council will investigate incidents of noise nuisance and provides a weekend call out service to assist in gathering evidence in ongoing noise nuisance investigations.

Each year we take action to prosecute people and / or seize people's stereos using evidence collected through the night time noise service.

Only residents who have an active noise nuisance investigation can use the service. It is available on Friday and Saturday, from 8pm to 3am.

The service also operates on bank holiday weekends but does not operate for two weeks over the Christmas period.

The law we enforce is called “statutory nuisance” - one off or infrequent instances of noise nuisance are not covered by the legislation.

This is why we must already be investigating a complaint before we can respond. If we are to tackle a noise nuisance problem, we must be able to prove that it is happening on a fairly regular basis.

Making a complaint about night time noise

If you haven't already made a complaint you can tell us the details about the problem.

Report a problem with noise

Request a visit to your home by an officer

If you already have a complaint being investigated by the environmental health department:

  • phone and request an officer visits your home to listen to the noise
  • the officer will make an independent assessment about how bad the noise is
  • if it's something we can take action about, a report will be made to the environmental health department on the next working day.

We will contact you about your complaint the following week.

We cannot visit the person making the noise during the night. Visits are made to the complainant's property to gather evidence to be used to take action against the perpetrator. We will follow up your complaint during normal working hours the following week.

We also cannot visit you if we are not already investigating your complaint.