If you cannot resolve a noise issue informally, you can seek help and guidance from the Council.

Animal Health

For certain animals, a movement licence is required before the animal is moved from location to location​​.

Cooling tower notification

Occupiers of non-domestic premises must notify the Council in writing of details of 'notifiable devices' such as cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

Filthy and verminous premises

The Council can get involved when a home has been allowed to get to a state that it could endanger the health of the occupier or cause problems for neighbours.


Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, the Council is designated as a lead local flood authority.

Food complaints

We may be able to help where you have a complaint about food that you have bought.

Giant hogweed

If you suspect you have giant hogweed on your own land do not touch it.

Grass cutting

Highway verges and grass/shrub areas, rural verges, road and street weed spraying.


Air quality, climate change, contaminated land, drinking water supply quality, light nuisance and smoke control areas


Who is responsible for the maintenance of watercourses

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