Freedom of information request costs

Most requests are free and we won't charge you for any forms or leaflets relevant to your request. We will only charge you for information where the law sets a charge.

Material which is published and accessed on the website can be downloaded free of charge.

Charges may be made for information subject to a legal charging regime.

Charges under the publication scheme may be made for supporting services such as:

  • photocopying
  • printing
  • postage and packaging
  • the cost directly incurred as a result of viewing information.

There is an 'appropriate limit' to the costs an authority may incur in locating and retrieving the information required to answer a Freedom of Information request before we pass those costs on to the requester.

The appropriate limit is £450.00, which roughly equates to 2.5 days' work.

Once a request exceeds the appropriate limit, all costs incurred in locating and retrieving the information can become chargeable to the requester.

This charge is calculated at £25.00 per person per hour, plus reproduction and postage costs.

Wherever possible, information will be provided electronically to limit any reproduction charges.

There is no charge for viewing files at Council premises.