Child and family (eCAF) fair processing notice

For the purpose of: The child and family (eCAF) process

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, Personal Data is defined as data that relates to a living individual who can be identified:

  1. from that data, or
  2. from that data and other information which is in the possession of, or likely to come into the possession of, the data controller, (Section 1(1)Data Protection Act 1998).

Personal data will therefore cover basic details such as name, address, telephone number, and Date of Birth, in fact any data from which you can be identified.

Why the eCAF programme shares personal data

The child and family (CAF) process is used by local authorities to provide early intervention support to children and families who do not require statutory intervention. eCAF refers to the method in which we will share the data, specifically by electronic means.

It is often necessary for agencies to share information so that children and young people can receive the services they need. Sometimes it is only when information held by different agencies is out together that a child or young person is seen to be in need of additional or alternative services.

The purpose of this data sharing is to plan multi-agency support for children and families through this CAF process

In order to provide you with a service, lead professionals representing a range of different organisations need to share personal data for a detailed service provision. In any event the organisations are committed to ensuring that the information they collect and use is ‘Fit for Purpose’, and does not constitute any invasion of your privacy.

The information is being shared is to allow the partner organisations listed above to fulfil their statutory requirements various legislation by identifying children and families within their area who require this provision and support.

We are obliged to keep your details securely, use them only to fulfil your service request and be compliant with the Data Protection Act. Once your service need has been satisfied or your case has been closed, they will dispose of the details in line with their organisational procedures. We will not pass your personal data on to a third party unless we are legally required to do so.

How we will use your information

The CAF Programme will use the information we hold in a manner that is compliant with the Data Protection Act. Lead professionals will keep your information accurate and up to date and not keep it for longer than is necessary. In some instances the law sets the length of time information has to be kept, but in other cases they will ensure that they do not keep records any longer than needed to provide a service to you.

Using your personal data

Lead professionals will only use the information provided for the following purposes where appropriate:

Partnership working

The eCAF Programme is serious about delivering appropriate and effective services; it is important to us that we co-ordinate what we do for you properly.

We will not use your information for third party marketing purposes, or pass it on to third parties, other than those who either process information on our behalf or because of a legal or contractual requirement.

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