Pleasington crematorium

Pleasington crematorium was opened in 1943 which situates 14 beautiful pews, with standing space in the aisles. Services at the crematorium are offered to everyone, from any town and background. Every cremation is treated with dignity and respect.

The crematorium is situated just off Tower Road in Blackburn. Drive down the long road past the playing fields, over the bridge and through the gate. Carry on up the hill and the crematorium is just in front of you.

Car parking

There is a car park available for all to use. Parking and disabled bays are also provided around the edges of the crematorium.


Toilet facilities are available within the crematorium and are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Gardens of Remembrance and scattering of ashes

The Gardens of Remembrance is situated within the crematorium grounds. We currently have 12 gardens to choose from, where ashes of your loved ones can be scattered. Within these gardens, we have memorial wedges, surrounding parts of the lawns.

The lawns are cut every two to three weeks, with the gardens being maintained every six to eight weeks in the summer months.

Scattering of ashes are booked by appointment only and occur a fee.

Situated within the Garden of Remembrance, is a memorial wall which is placed with beautiful plaques to remember your loved ones. Unfortunately, this wall is full and we can no longer accept any further applications for wall plaques in this area. The Small Chapel is open and welcomes all, to sit and reminisce.

For more information regarding memorabilia, please contact the bereavement services office on
01254 202 021 or email us at

Opening times (including Book of Remembrance)

The Book of Remembrance will be open from 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm Saturday and closed on Sunday.

If you would like the page turning over please contact the bereavement services office on 01254 202021 and we can arrange this via appointment only.



Pleasington Cemetery plan
Pleasington Cemetery Plan