Chief officers

Denise Park

Chief Executive

Head of Paid Services

Martin Kelly

Director of Growth & Development

Growth & development, strategies ,planning, development management, building control, traffic & transport, property & buildings, carbon management, town centres, business centres, markets

Martin Eden

Director of Environment & Operations

Civic Halls, Environmental Services, Waste, Refuse Collection &, Recycling, Cemeteries & Crematorium, Grounds Maintenance, Car Parking, Public Protection, Private Sector Housing, Landlord Licensing, Highways & Network, Management

Paul Fleming

Director of Digital & Business Change

Statutory SIRO, Information Technology, Information Governance, Digital Strategy, Digital First Programme, Business Analysis, Programme & Project, Management, IT Service Desk & Support, Business Support Services, RIPA SRO

Louise Mattinson

Director of Finance & Customer Services (S151)

Section 151, Revenues & Benefits, Budget & Accounts, Treasury & VAT, Audit, Risk & Insurance, Procurement, Customer Services, Registrars, Advice Services

David Fairclough

Director of HR, Legal & Governance (Monitoring Officer)

Monitoring Officer, Standards, HR, Payroll, Organisation Development, Health & Safety, Legal Services, Complaints, Democratic Services, Scrutiny, Elections, Mayoralty, School Appeals, Civil Contingencies

Sayyed Osman

Director of Adults & Prevention * (DASS)

Statutory DASS, Assessment & Care Mangement, Safeguarding, Integrated Commissioning, Market Oversight - Quality &, Contract Monitoring, External Social Care, Workforce Development, Health Integration, Demand Management &, Prevention, Community Safety, Cohesion & Prevent, Adult Learning, Housing Needs, Asylum Seekers

Dominic Harrison

Director of Public Health & Wellbeing (DPH)

Statutory DPH, Public Health Strategy, Public Health Provision, Link to Public Health England, Health and Wellbeing Board, Health & Wellbeing Strategy, Health Promotions, Support to CCG &, Wider Health System, Health Policy & Research, Healthwatch, Leisure, Refresh Health & Wellbeing, Libraries, Museums & Arts

Jayne Ivory

Director of Children’s Services & Education (DCS)

Statutory DCS, Social Work, Child Protection /, Safeguarding, Looked After Children, Fostering & Adoption, Early Years / Children’s, Centres, Health Interface, YOT, Education Services, School Forum, School Improvement, School Organisation, Young People’s Services