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The Council provides a range of recycling services for you to recycle your waste. 

Thank you - we are now recycling over 45% of everything we used to just throw away.  That means we are now:

  • saving money on burying rubbish
  • reducing pollution
  • creating jobs and training
  • reusing valuable natural resources

Find out about bins collections, bin colours and what you can and cannot recycle in our bins.

Food waste

We throw away almost £400 a year of good food. For tips on saving money, helping to cut the rat population and saving the environment visit  Love Food Hate Waste

Reuse or donate unwanted items

Much of what we throw away isn't actually 'rubbish' and are items that we don't want anymore but that are still usuable . Here are some ways of disposing of your unwanted items usefully:


Most furniture is replaced because we fancy a change and not because it is broken, so why not donate what you are replacing to someone else or a charity ?

Charity shops

Clothing and bric a brac can be given to your local charity shop. 

Friends and relatives

And why not give your unwanted children's toys and clothes to family, friends or local charities.

Tips/dumps/household refuse and recycling centres

Find out about Council owned tips and dumps

Contact details

Mail Environmental Services, Davyfield Road, Roman Road Industrial Estate, Blackburn. BB1 2LX
Phone Number(s) 01254 585921 or 01254 585397
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